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Title: History
Post by: Malm on June 25, 2019, 05:54:19 PM
Your history account of Langley is interesting but some points are wrong and other info missing. eg Peter burrell baron gwydir who died in 1820 was not last in line but his descendents decided to sell.
Langley golf club is on the site of Langley lodge and the school is on the site of the house or mansion. Welcome foundation was on the site of Langley farm.
In 1732 Hugh Raymond purchased Langley from Elwill and his daughter Amy who married one of the Peter burrells inherited Langley via her brother Jones Raymond in 1768. Amy burrell had south Eden park road constructed to divert traffic away from the mansion.
Humphrey repton produced designs to landscape Langley but it may be that those plans weren't implemented or not in full.
Jones Raymond had a map produced of the estate circa 1760 showing the estate in W.Wickham parish divided into four farms leased to other persons. Map in British library.
There's more if you'd like to know.