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Helmet and Clothing Park for BSB races

Langley Park Rotary Club will have two marquess at the summer British Superbike races at Brands Hatch.  The marquees are used as a cloakroom facility for visiting motorcyclists where they can leave their helmets and motorcycling clothing whilst they watch the racing. 

We make a standard charge of £2.50 for a helmet and £7.00 for a large bagful of clothing;  there are a number of variations and combinations of pricing.  All contributions go to to local charities.

Motor Vision Sport (MSV) who are the owners of the circuit,  welcome our service to race goers.  MSV make no charge to us for entry to the circuit and are most helpful to ensure that our enterprise is successful.

We,  Rotarians and Friends of Rotary also provide the same facility for BSB races at other MSV tracks including, Oulton Park, Snetterton, Cadwell Park and Donnington.

Here is the schedule and list of helpers for the summer Brands Hatch BSB races:

Friday 20th July 2018

8am  Meet at Keston and load two vans

Rod; Andrew M; Alan B; Phil H.

9am Meet inside the main gate at Brands Hatch and put up both marquees.

Four persons above plus - David Connolly; John Williams; Colin Read.

(we should be finished by early lunchtime)  no trading done this day.

Saturday 21st July 2018  (Qualifying Day -Afternoon racing)

8am - 1pm   Manning two marquees

Andrew M; Rod; Angela; Peter G; Nolene; Roger H; Martin HS;

1pm -  finish (about 6.30)

Andrew M; Rod; Angela; Peter G; Annie M; Phil J;

Sunday  22nd July 2018  (race Day  - two marquees)

8am - 1pm

Andrew M; Rod; Angela; Peter G; Bryan V; Ashley C; Wayne R; David M; Stuart R;

1pm - finish (about 6.30pm)

Andrew M; Rod; Angela; Peter G; Bryan V; Ashley C; Wayne R; Annie M; Stuart R;

Monday 23rd July 2018

8am until about 11am -  meet at Keston   Unload one van and to Brands Hatch.  Take down the top marquee and equipment.  Return to Keston and unload.

Rod; Phil H; Alan B; Hadyn D; Mike P 

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Re: Helmet and Clothing Park for BSB races

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Thanks to everyone who took part.  We raised £2,493.50 for local charities over Saturday and Sunday.